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Welcome to Cash for Cars


'Cash for Cars’ is a company experienced in dealing with junk cars. Mind you, we are dealers of cars that are not in a working condition anymore and do not buy running cars. As a company with experience, we understand the hassles associated with selling your old junk car, but don’t worry because when you use our services, you will get the smoothest service possible.



Yes, your car is a junk car but you want to procure the best deal for selling it. Most websites would recommend that when you sell your junk car, you research and get a lot of quotes before making a final decision. With us, we assure you that you will get the best and most honest deal, and our quote would be the best.


Variety of Models and Makes

Formed by car enthusiasts, ‘Cash for Cars’ prides itself on the huge variety and models of cars in deals in. No matter the make and model of your car, we will deal in it.



The sale process is extremely easy because we want to eliminate any hassles that you might encounter while selling your car. For instance, are you a person with inflexible working hours? Want to sell your junk car but have no time to take a break from work? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We will send our representative to your workplace or wherever you are and they will pay you the money in cash for your old junk car.



With junk car sales, it is important to have experience. We understand that different customers have different requirements and we make our schedule flexible to accommodate everyone. Because of the years we have spent in the automobile and junk car industry, we now have a sturdy client and customer base as well.


Superior Customer Service

Our customer service is exceptional and all our old customers commend us about this one feature. Because the owners of our company understand the problems associated with selling an old car, they know the questions you have in your mind. This is why our personnel are trained to answer any query you have and help clear your doubts about the sale of your junk car.


Located in Fallbrook

‘Cash for Cars’ is located in Fallbrook, CA and you can visit us anytime you want. Our representative and employees will offer you the best deal for your car and we promise you that you will be thoroughly satisfied with us.


I can’t believe how easy it is to just call them and sell a car to them. The whole service is built around the seller, and meeting their needs. It’s incredible; I recommend it to anyone trying to SELL!


We purchase all cars in any condition. Give us a call today if you're looking to get a quick offer on your used car.